The Christmas story is serenely simple. It defies analysis and silences calculation. It is as simple as the silent dawn, as unbelabored as the bursting rose, as unsophisticated as a child’s cry, as spontaneous as a child’s laughter.

When God made His most benevolent gesture of fatherly love, His giving us a Son, He wanted to be understood by all men. He was already understood by all nature which reveals His glory continuously.

All life has become more precious, more consecrated and less expendable because of Him who has shown us the possibilities that lie within our reach to Rescue, Redeem, and Release those that are wounded, lost, and suffering.

Christmas is a simple story, divinely simple yet profoundly inspiring, showing what life may mean for each one that touches the hem of His Garment.

Our family and herd extend to you a hearty and deeply felt Thank You for walking along side our journey and partnering with our hearts. May God richly bless you for your gifts of time, money and love, not just in this season but continually.