We, the 8th Mountain family, are so excited to make this very special announcement.  At the beginning of this year, the Lord opened the door for us to be able to bring 8th Mountain’s first full-time employee on board.

At the beginning of March we brought Rachael Eben on as the Program Director. She will be overseeing all of the daily needs and responsibilities of the ministry, handling our sessions and volunteers and continuing to provide updates on the incredible work taking place at the Ranch!

As many of you may know, Rachael played a key role in the very beginning of this ministry back in 2015 when the Lord placed this dream in her heart. The Ranch of New Beginnings was birthed out of a very hopeless season for her but as the organization began to grow so did the hope and healing in her life, which overflowed to all who came through our gates. Indeed we do serve a good and loving God. 

Since that time, she has been faithfully serving in her free time and for three years devoted herself to grow in biblical studies, workplace experience and personal development setting her up to better serve this vision.

Two years ago, she helped successfully move and reopened in 8th Mountain in Woodland Park Colorado and last year launched our video podcast called Outside the Round Pen drawing the parallels between the process of training a horse and our walk with our Heavenly Father. 

With all of that being said, it is no surprise that she will now lead the way into this new chapter!

Congratulations Rachael! We are thrilled to officially welcome you to the 8th Mountain Team! With great anticipation, we can’t wait to see everything your contribution will bring!